Air conditioners are used heavily when summer temperatures in Lexington rise. Because these systems are used so much, it is likely you’ll run into the need for air conditioning repair at some point. Below are a few of the most common problems and the air conditioning repairs we perform.

Frozen air conditioners

A handful of system problems can cause your air conditioner coils to freeze up. We thaw AC coils while also treating the underlying cause. A malfunctioning blower fan or control relay could lead to frozen coils, as well as lack of air flow through the system.

Noisy operation

Some noise can be expected as your cooling system operates, but if it worsens or comes on suddenly, it’s cause for concern. Noise is commonly caused by a slipped blower motor belt or a bent fan blade. Hissing sounds can be caused by faulty reversing valves, indicating replacement is needed. Gurgling noises can be caused by low refrigerant charge, which requires a professional to recharge the system.

Lack of cooling

If your air conditioner is running but not keeping your home cool, it could indicate problems with your condenser. Low refrigerant and refrigerant leaks may also be to blame, and your system may need recharged or repaired.

Electrical issues

Damage to system electrical components and connections can cause increased wear to your system. Not only will faulty components require replacement, but they may have damaged your compressor or blower motor to the point where these need replaced as well.

Water leaking inside

If water is leaking inside your home while the air conditioner runs, you could have a clogged condensate drain. We can clear your drain to prevent water leaks. Water leaks may also indicate that your drain pan has rusted out, allowing water to spill out, in which case it will need to be replaced.

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