Your furnace filter works to improve air quality and HVAC system efficiency. It removes contaminant particles as they pass through the system, keeping them out of your indoor air supply. Removing these contaminants also help your heating and cooling equipment function efficiently. It is important that you change your air filters regularly, but how often you must do so will depend on few different factors.

To see how frequently you should change your filter, check the manufacturer’s recommendations. High efficiency filters can go longer without being changed whereas a standard low efficiency filter will need changed more frequently. On average, filters should be changed every 3 months. It’s a good idea to check your filter monthly to see if it is becoming clogged. If it is, you should go ahead and replace it to improve airflow throughout your heating and cooling system.

There are other factors which can create the need to change your air filter more frequently:

Season: If you’re in the peak of heating or cooling season, you should be checking your filters more frequently, and it is likely they will need changed more often. This is because your heating and cooling systems are used more heavily than off-peak times in the spring or fall, and there are more contaminants being trapped in your filter due to the increased use of your systems.
Pets: If there are pets in the home, you’ll need to change your air filter more often. There will be high concentrations of hair and dander in your air which will be trapped by the air filter along with other household contaminants.
Fan Use: If you constantly leave the system fan running, you’ll need to change your air filter more frequently. Air is constantly moving through your system, even when heating and cooling equipment is not in use, so more contaminants are being trapped.
Home Dust and Debris: If your home seems to collect a lot of dust, increase the frequency of your filter changes. If you leave your windows and doors open regularly, more debris can enter the home, contaminating your indoor air supply.

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