Ductless heating and cooling systems differ from the central air systems that many Lexington homes utilize: they don’t use ducts to move air to the living areas. Rather, conditioned air is moved directly into targeted areas of the home. Ductless, mini-split, or multi-split — no matter what you call a ductless heating and cooling system, they offer some superior benefits!

Flexible heating and cooling solutions

Ductless heating and cooling systems offer more flexibility in application versus central air systems. Using ductless equipment, you can create zones within the home, and your equipment will supply that zone with the heating and cooling it needs. These systems are a cost-effective solution for replacing inferior systems such as window air conditioners and baseboard heaters. They can be installed in existing homes to improve temperature control or for new home additions, and are also used in applications such as condos and apartments.

Cost savings

Ductless systems use less power than conventional forced-air HVAC systems, so they won’t cost as much to operated. They deliver conditioned air straight into your living spaces, so no energy is lost as air moves through ductwork. With the ability to create zones using ductless heating and cooling, you don’t have to waste energy heating and cooling unused areas. The overall cost savings these systems can produce make them an attractive option to homeowners.

Easy installation

Installing a ductless heating system can be done much quicker than a ducted system. There is no ductwork to install, which can cause quite a disruption to your home and everyday life. Ductless systems require only a 3-inch hole through an exterior wall to connect indoor and outdoor components. These systems can be installed and up and running in as little as one day, depending on the number of total units being installed.

Greener heating and cooling

Their smaller size and ability to provide zoned heating and cooling mean ductless heating and cooling systems are more energy-efficient. They use environmentally-friendly R-410A refrigerant and comply with ENERGY STAR guidelines, which set forth higher efficiency requirements versus federal minimum standards.

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